From 1993 to 2018 Joanne trained clients from the most famous gym in the World, Golds Gym Venice CA. In 1993 there were over 140 personal trainers in that 30,000 sq ft space, by the time Joanne left in 2018 there were less than 40. Joanne was undeniably one of the most successful and most recognizable trainers due to her skill set and her client’s results. Despite still riding the wave Joanne and her husband, Kevin had set a goal to have her leave Golds by the time she was 50. This is what they did, in 2018 the Cornish’s moved to Eagle Idaho.

Having worked on every possible type of equipment, Joanne was able to handpick what she wanted for her gym and now, given the absence of chaos (Golds Gym Venice averages 4200 workouts a day!) Joanne is able to design and implement the workouts specific to herself and her new clientele.

No membership, train alone or with up to 2 friends.

Rates for 60 minutes

Single sessions $90

10 Sessions prepaid $80 ($800)

20 Sessions prepaid $70 ($1400)

Couples training (very fun), bring your partner or friend. Per person rates are discounted, please contact me for details

I can train 1-3 people at a time and you don’t have to be at the same level of experience.

As usual in the industry, there is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

Training can be purchased here.

I alternate my training hours with my nutritional coaching hours

Training schedule

Monday – Thursday 5am – 2pm & 5pm – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday -8am-12

Please contact The Shrink Shop to schedule times

photo credit @rachelphotostudio