A former professional bodybuilder and athlete, Joanne knows how to lose weight, build muscle and improve performance.

One of the most successful and recognizable personal trainers in Golds Gym Venice CA for 25 years. Joanne has trained hundreds of people for every goal type, being known her ability to get clients stage and camera ready.

Rates start a $100 per 60-minute session and are discounted when you purchase in multiples




Coaching clients in person and remotely. Joanne does not guess nutrition. Testing basal metabolic rate, ultrasound body composition, and blood glucose, we will ensure that your nutrition allows for maximum fat burning while protecting you from the avoidable rebound that too many "diets" set you up for.



The Book

"When Calories and Cardio Don't Cut It" ... know what influences your bodyweight and shape so that you can live lean for a lifetime.

Please read the reviews to see the impact this book is having.

Sleep Formula

Sleep Formula has received Amazons Choice award on numerous occasions.

Most sleep products contain one ingredient (eg melatonin or magnesium) Sleep Formula contains 12 natural sleep solutions in each capsule.

Why Sleep Formula works so well

Calcium – a natural relaxant that promotes a feeling of calm

B6 – normalizes our sleep/wake patterns and is required to make serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that controls mood, appetite, sensitivity to pain and … sleep.

Magnesium – relaxes physical tension and tight muscles.

Melatonin – a hormone released from the pineal gland in the brain.  The Pineal gland is inactive during daytime but is triggered into action by the darkness of night.  Once released melatonin enters the blood and you start to feel less alert and more ready for sleep.  Melatonin is found naturally in small doses in meats, grains, and vegetables.

GABA (an amino acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that dampens nerve activity in the Central Nervous System leading to a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Valerian Root a popular herb for sleep actually increases GABA

Hops Flower is similar to Valerian in being a sedative and hypnotic herb.  Made from the female flower of the hops plant Hops Flower is a popular herb often used in combination with Valerian Root. Both are well tolerated and have been used for centuries.

Skullcap is a muscle relaxant and used for headaches, especially tension headaches.

Chamomile is used for nervous energy and mental anxiety

Passionflower a fabulous addition as it’s the herb that helps keep you asleep! Often used on its own for this one reason.

L Taurine also increases GABA and vegetarians are at risk for being deficient as it is found naturally in meat.

Inositol a sugar found in citrus fruits (negligible calories) that activates pathways to stop your mind from racing.  Inositol quietens that mental chatter that seemingly gets louder when we try to sleep.  Inositol activates serotonin and promotes the calmness needed for sleep

The Sleep Formula supplement will trigger your natural sleep pattern, it will relax your body, quieten your mind, ease anxiety and promote calmness.  It will activate your own neurotransmitters and relieve tension.  It will prepare you for sleep and it will keep you asleep – naturally.

To answer the biggest question of all.  Because The Sleep Formula works with your own regulators to allow for quality sleep it will not leave you with the dreadful hangover of a prescription pill.

Suggested use 1-2 capsule at night

The Shrink Shops Sweat Vest

The Shrink Shop Sweat Vest is designed to heat up any workout, to make you sweat and to maximize the fat burn.

Sits under the bust line for an added lift and increased comfort. This vest will not pinch or shift, it can be worn under workout clothes or alone with a sports bra. The open neckline also lets you heat up nicely without feeling claustrophobic

The long torso design is ideal for any height but the length means it will not roll up when you workout. Similar versions of this product are midriff in length and tend to shift when you move and miss the area we really want to sweat!

So comfortable you can train, run, climb, even do yoga in it (I do!)

Feel slim in any outfit if you wear it as a waist trimmer. The no-zip design means you don't have that tell-tale corset line showing through your clothing. Wear over your regular bra and it will hide back fat and bra bulges!

Also ideal as a base layer that will keep you nice and warm during your outdoor pursuits.

As a size guide, I'm 5'8" and weigh 140lb and wear a medium, it's snug but once on it fits like a glove. Sizing chart on Amazon link

Rinse after use and it will dry in hours, ready for your next workout.